Mr. and Mrs. Silcock,

    A few days ago I was thinking about memories I have of Hunt, and I wanted to tell you two of my favorites. The first took place last year on a hot and sticky day in August a few weeks before school started. I needed to pick up my school supplies so I went to Office Depot right after my soccer practice. I was hurrying through the aisles grabbing my supplies quickly so I wouldn’t risk seeing anyone. Then, I turned the corner and saw Hunt standing there looking at school supplies as well. He didn’t see me, so I slowly backed up to where my mom was standing. I told her that we had to hurry and get everything before Hunt saw me looking, and probably smelling, like I did! Of course, my mom then decided she would introduce herself. She went into the next aisle while I stayed where I was incredibly embarrassed. She informed Hunt and his nanny that she was my mother, and I was “hiding because I had just come from soccer and looked like a mess!” Mortified, I was now so embarrassed under no circumstances could Hunt see me. I was almost done gathering my things when I turned another corner and there stood Hunt again, except this time he saw me. I walked over to where Hunt was nervously wondering what he would think of me now! I greeted him and he returned my greeting with a warm “hey.” Suddenly I felt totally at ease. This was one of Hunt’s many amazing qualities. He had the ability to make the people around him feel comfortable.

    My second memory was Hunt’s play-by-play description of the infamous Laker/Mavs game on December 6. In this game, the Lakers made a 30-point comeback to win the game 103-105. On Hunt’s profile he proudly stated the Lakers were the “Comeback Kings!” He also gave details on substitutions and game deciding baskets. This game gave us bragging rights about the outstanding win. I could always count on Hunt to talk about the Lakers with me, about their wins and their losses. I’m sure right now we would have been plotting exactly how the Lakers would make their big comeback next season, deserving the title “Comeback Kings.”

    Memories like these keep Hunt with me every day as an inspiration to be the remarkable person he was. I’ll never forget Hunt or the lessons he taught me. Thank you for giving me the chance to know your amazing son.



        Brooke Jefferson

Dear Mr. Silcock,

       Hunt Silcock was one of the most talented people I have ever known. He was one of my favorite teammates, and one of my good friends. Hunt was cheerful but fearless. That is what made him the great and unique person he was. Because he was so great and was such a great part of many people's lives, I would like to write about a couple of times that made Hunt very memorable to me.

       Now one must know that Hunt was one of the best soccer players I have known. He was the most dedicated (he came to almost every practice and came to every game) and talented person on our soccer team, and everyone knew it. Surprisingly he was also the youngest and smallest on the team. In fact, he was the only one who was in the seventh grade.

       The first incident was in one of the toughest games of the season. We were playing the Texans, the second place team in our league. One of the toughest players to mark just so happened to be 6 foot 1 and fast. Imagine a barely 5 foot Hunt against a player of that size. But no worries. Hunt came to our rescue and shut this guy out. I have never seen something so funny. Hunt was winning headers and pushing this guy around. That guy left the field nearly in tears. I was so proud of Hunt....everyone was.

       The second incident was when I first met him. I came to an open practice two years ago to try out for the Comets. Hunt was the first to introduce himself to me. I immediately noticed that Hunt was one of the leaders on the team. He never stopped running. He would never lose the ball. He would never get beaten. All I could remember thinking was This guy is amazing! When I got on the team, Hunt made me feel welcome by telling me people's names. Not only was Hunt a great soccer player and friend; he was a great person.

       The last experience was at the 2003 Comets Banquet when Hunt was no longer with us. A father on the team, Mr. Gordon, was attempting to video-tape his son, Eric. Instead, he got a lot of film of Hunt. Just seeing him on tape made me want to start sobbing uncontrollably. I can't describe all the feelings I felt that night. I had to go to the bathroom because I could no longer hold the tears. But what amazed me most was that Jim was the strongest one in the whole building. It finally occurred to me why Hunt was such a great person. He had gotten it from his dad.

       Through these experiences and many more, I will never forget Hunt. I will never forget his friendliness, talent, and great personality. And whenever the name Hunt pops up, I will always remember the great friend and teammate everybody knows and loves, Hunt Silcock.

#3 Forever

Jack Sullivan

P.S. - Jim - You will always be in my heart along with Hunt.

Dear Silcock Family,

I am ever so sorry about Hunt. He was a great kid. I remember how at Bat Mitzvahs he would do his Michael Jackson Moves. And how at Spirit Nights he would get so into the football game that he would be practically yelling at the ref. The thing that I will most remember about him is his love for the Lakers. How whenever they would win a basketball game he was sure to replay the whole game for us. I will never forget how when he was online he was never really there he always had on his away message. Something I am sure everyone will remember about Hunt was his personality and kindness. I know that I along with the rest of my grade will never forget Hunt's love for Soccer. Soccer was his life, he was always ready to play. I also remember how at the Andrew Rafkin's party the Lakers game was going on. Hunt kept checking the score. Finally the game was over, someone came walking over to Hunt, tapped him on the shoulder and then told him Lakers lost. I remember Hunt just sat there staring at the movie screen pretty upset about the situation. Once again I am so sorry about Hunt. Everyone will miss him. I know I will. Although Hunt isn't physically here with us he will still live within our hearts. I will always keep Hunt and you in my prayers.


Alyson Payne

Dear Silcock Family,

Hunt was one of my best friends and I can't even imagine not ever seeing him again. He had everything going for him. He was incredibly smart, he had a great work ethic, he was athletic, and of course he had all of the girls. He would have been a great person, but he did miss out on one thing, school. Hunt and I have figured how to make school go quicker. Not too long ago we played the "Marking Game" (we obviously sat next to each other in some classes). This is when we pulled out our pens and tried to mark on the other without being seen by the teacher. He beat me badly because my desk restricted me. His desk was designed a little bit different than mine. We soon got bored of that game and I had an idea. I started moving his backpack and his binder to the other side of my desk. He quickly caught on and started defending his desk. After he started defending his property I only stole his binder once without him noticing. The most recent game we played during school was the funniest one. In one class, a teacher made one student read a sentence at a time. When it was Hunt's turn to read, I did anything I could to get him to laugh. I did fake coughing, fake sneezing, and making incredibly dumb faces. The first time I got him to laugh the whole time he was reading and the teacher was wondering why Hunt was laughing but Hunt just said, "It's nothing". The next few times I only got a tiny laugh out of him. Those were the three recent school stories I have.

Hunt in the last days would always come up to me and say, "Slap me some". I was the only person to not give him a high five. I would always think to myself, “what is he doing”. When he said, "Slap me some", he had a stupid face on and his voice was childish. It was quite amusing. During Wednesday' s 6th period, we had a free period that we played a game that Hunt, I, Charlie, and some other people made up. It was basketball except there was no out of bounds and you could slide across the floor and take peoples legs out so they would fall. It sounds dangerous but no one got hurt. Hunt and I had a rivalry going on. We were on different teams and we were constantly going after each other. He got me a couple times while I wasn't paying attention but I put him on the floor plenty of times. He got really good at jumping over my legs when I was sliding.

Hunt was so worried about tests and quizzes. I remember in 5th grade before a math test he would be saying, "I am screwed". Naturally I was like, "We have a test?" (that expression is still used, by me, today). The first day of 6th grade math class we sat in the front row but that attitude to math quickly changed after we learned what math was like. I am sure he still has that attitude to 7th grade honors math. That was what Hunt was like at school but he and I have a long history out of school.

One night I kept on annoying him by singing NSYNC's song, Pop. He finally said to use different lyrics. I started singing it but with different lyrics and he just thought it was hilarious. We were going to make a music video but we never got around to it. One of the best memories of Hunt and I were sitting in his room. He was single at the time and I saw a picture of Megan Cassidy. I thought it was my responsibility to take her out of his mind so I placed the picture on his lampshade and took aim. I shot plastic BBs through the picture with his air soft gun. Naturally Megan (I thought it had to be done) found out and was mad at me for a while.

More recent memories were he and I planning for him to stay a week at my house in January while Mr. and Mrs. Silcock were skiing. Hunt was a big Rams fan and I am a 49er fan. They were going to play the last game of the season and he was going to have me over so we could watch it. He was saying that we would watch the game in the new movie room and weight room. He said he had every candy that I could think of. I doubt it's true but maybe he was right. Those are the best stories of Hunt that I can think of. Overall Hunt was a great person and one of my best friends. I will never forget him and I will never replace him.

Jett Aubrey


I'm going to start way back about a year before Andrew and I came to the team, which is about 4 years, ago. We were at some tournament and Andrew and I are kicking at this open field (our games were over) and these two kids approached us and challenged us. They just so happen to be Huntress and Brian Bush. And I'm sitting there thinking they've got to be kidding me! Look at them, there's no way they can compete with me and Andrew. Well, they kicked our butts! And I'm thinking wow that "Hunt" kid can really play. But of course I showed them pretty much no gratitude, being embarrassed from this small little kid whipping me I just said, "Oh umm… well, we just got done playing."

It's been about 3 and a half years now and Hunt invited me over numerous times. Which, heh, don't get me wrong I had no problem with. We played basketball in the pool, we played mini soccer in the game room, we played Soccer Slam, we had one air soft bb gun war in which Hunt, Andrew, little Bush, and I hid in Mr. S's car the whole time, because man those things hurt. We ordered pizza every single night I was over. We also played soccer constantly, which every one knows Hunt was obsessed with the game. We also played basketball, and when we played we would lower the goal to dunk, but if you knew Hunt you knew this might be a difficulty for him, so I would act as a human table.

But despite all the times he had me over, never once did he come over, and you know why? Because he had a fun brother, a loving mom, and one of the coolest dads that I'll ever know.  

Speaking of Mr. S, I've really noticed over the years that those 2 shared a special bond. Not just a father son bond, but those 2 were friends.

I'm going to write something about Jim real quick. It's about a time we went out to eat at some pretty nice place. Jim and I had been harassing each other all night. Right before we sat down he ended with some good comeback to my joke about him eating at nice places. I couldn't think of a comeback. Then, he said something like there's a napkin if you know how to use one. About that time I had noticed that all 3 of them had their napkins nicely resting in their laps so I decide to embarrass Mr. S a little. I stuck that napkin in my shirt and decided to try and pull that look off. Meanwhile Hunt over at the other end of the table was cracking up while Jim just looks at me and for a moment I couldn't tell what he was thinking, but then I knew he was laughing on the inside.

I still remember the fist time I saw Hunt (at that tournament) and the last time (pretty much the only Monday practice in December.) I still even remember the first time I went over to his house (we stopped at a grocery and picked out 2 candy bars each)

But the thing I remember most was, what I said to him last " Hey, Tress see ya later!" And you know what? Some day I will."

Blake Miller #19

Note to Jim: Stay strong buddy, I love you.

Some memories of Hunt, a 13-year old boy much loved by all…

• As a baby looked like Mr. Magoo with squinty little eyes, prominent nose and a very pointed chin

• As a toddler liked to walk around with a sock under his chin

• When around 7 or 8 years old saw Bill Chase building things in our house used to go around with a pencil behind his ear just like Bill

• When very young got a hold of a flashlight and pretended he was a policeman shining his flashlight in different spots saying, “Security” to identify himself to the imagined villains

• Fantastic athlete…swimming, especially the freestyle and soccer where he was always thinking strategically, passing the ball of or directing his team mates

• Compelled to be a great student…intense about all subjects...strong in everything, exceptional in math

• Concerned about others and caring…at St. Rita’s he and Charlie Neil covered for a retarded boy by directing attention to themselves

• Early in Sunday school at about 7 or 8 years old had Joe and Helen who called him CEO because of his leadership abilities (and trying to sit in their chair)

• Funny…singing Mr. Downtown… stomping on the whoopee cushion and singing while studying

• True lover of soccer and avid fan of the Lakers and Rams

• On Christmas 2002, didn’t think James had a gift for Gail so said one of his gifts was from James, gave James the gun he wanted and $300

• Loved and respected his brother enormously

• Party animal…tales of Hunt fixing others up to dance with each other…wangling his way into bar and bat mitzvahs where he hadn’t known the girl but knew he wanted to go    

• Favorite songs…Californication and The Girl All the Bad Guys Want

• Favorite spot in the house…lying on the couch in the red room with the yellow blanket

• Great pool player

• Very fastidious bedtime hygiene program included flossing and applying moisturizer…very conscientious

• Friend to children of all ages…played with and will be remembered by Kyler and Tanner Wheat, the Knapp children, the Mahowald children as well as Benny in 10th grade, St. Mark’s seniors and Christian and Jeff Luker

• Loved animals of all kinds…master of some gerbils

• Famous end run at the buzzer goal in indoor soccer that won the game for his team

• Terrific projects completed…clay totem pole, scene with the underground cave and barrels, library scene…about to begin working on Saturn project

• Active reader of Hardy Boys series

• Record of 1500 jumps on pogo stick, over 500 juggles of soccer ball, under 6 minute mile, very good runner…maniac on the go cart…loved to get massive air in ski jumps

• Studied best when either dribbling a soccer ball…often at his foot…jumping on the bed or throwing a ball against the wall

• Dry, wry sense of humor…sardonic wit with compassion, incredibly funny in a grown up way

• Best friends…James, Jr., Travis Humphreys, Brian Bush, Forrest Compton, Charlie Neil, Jett Aubrey, Alex Johnson, Alex Katz

• Firm handshake with direct eye contact…presented himself extremely well

• Serious intent to become an investment banker so he could cuss on the phone all day…when younger wanted to split his time between being a pirate and alternatively a check-out boy at Tom Thumb

• Visual learner

• Knew exactly how to push James’ and Gail’s buttons

• Eager to learn how to handle the ladies even better through advice from Lane Britain, Jeff Luker and his father

• Favorite dress up outfit…blue long sleeve shirt with tie of gold with blue markings

• Girlfriends…Caroline Smith, Mary Kate Luker, Megan Cassidy, Stephany McCall, Ally Fox, Ally Payne…wanted to be married later on so he wouldn’t be lonely

• Looked best in gray, gold and blue

• Summersault off the cliffs into the water in Bermuda…fearless

• Incredibly gutsy diver off our board…the half gainer and special Hunt flips…went over more than once…sometimes flopped on his back but kept right on going…did stunts off Chris Mahowald’s shoulders

Hey Mr. Silcock- Here's a couple of things that helps me remember Hunt and could possibly with you.

I'll never forget playing the Dallas Texans this season when the big tall guy, Ron was trying to dribble the ball but he couldn't get anywhere because far below him Hunt was using all his might and succeeding to get away from him, and it was such a great feeling to watch, that no matter how big his opponent was, Hunt's desire was bigger and he never gave up till the game was over.

He always was confident and it rubbed off on the rest of the team, and one thing that always brings me a smile is how he would call me and Steve "Shorty" or "Beast" always during practice.

At soccer practice he was normally the first person to get to the field and start playing a square game, and he was the last to leave the field after practice was over, still trying to improve his juggling or his chipping ability even when it seemed they could improve no more.

Hunt was and always will be the guy I look up to regardless of his size, his self- confidence was bigger and stronger then his physical strength, and whenever I am down on myself I can remember the funny things and the happy face of my great friend, Hunt Silcock.


Sam Mulinder #17

Patrick Gorman

 Some Thoughts of Hunt


1. When Hunt came to practice with new cleats David said, "I think I have a pair of those hanging from my rearview mirror,” because Hunt’s shoes were so small.


2. When Hunt got bumped into during a game he fell to the ground and rolled. I went over to him and he was smiling because he got the call.


3. Hunt was the only guy who would take on Victor from the 86's. Hunt was little but he played big.

My Friend Hunt, "The Agent"

My latest and best memories of Hunt Silcock are in the planetarium during Mrs. Amaral's science class. He and I always sat near to each other during the shows Mrs. Amaral would share with us. We whispered through most of them since Mrs. Amaral was usually so focused on making the show perfect, she didn't even notice us. One day Hunt taps my shoulder and says, "I'm goin' on a mission." I looked at him puzzled, he said, "watch". To my amazement I looked down and could make out a compact body crawling under the bench-like row we were in. I was laughing and Mrs. Amaral asked me what was funny, I replied, "Oh nothing, part of the show reminded me of something my brother, ummm, did one time." Hunt went through all the rows, popping up and surprising whoever he could. All I could do was laugh, but this time to myself, not out loud. The next day we were in the planetarium again and this time when Hunt told me to watch, I knew what was up. I watched, and then decided to join him. It was the most fun I have ever had in the planetarium. Hunt often revealed this free-spirited approach to life, but he also knew how to be serious when he needed to be. He amazed me and many others at his "straight-A ways".

Hunt was a good and loyal friend, he was a kind and considerate person, and he was a talented and gifted athlete. We will all miss him, and I know the class of '08 will hold a permanent place in our memory of him.