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Two months to the day before Hunt passed away he wrote the following essay. Pay attention to the last paragraph.

 Hunt Silcock

 October 29,2002

                                                                                                                   Mr. Battino


Campout Essay


            The 7th grade Saint Mark’s campout was about a two-day campout at Lake Texhoma. The students were separated into groups by their advisories. Every group had a different campsite. First everyone hiked to their campsites from where their bus had dropped them off. My group’s hike was dangerous because we walked on the edge of 50-foot cliffs where it was very slick from the rain that had fallen the night before. Once we got to our campsite each tarp group set up their tarp. My tarp group got a two-man tarp and we had three people. During the campout my group ate, slept, skipped rocks, hiked if they wanted to, and talked. During the second night of the campout, it rained for five hours straight so we were trapped in our tarps. Once we got back on the buses to go home, everyone was relieved.

             Before going on the campout, I saw rain as an enemy. Since it rained on the campout for a while it was quite a task staying dry, clean, and warm. But the rain did more than just give our group a hard time. My group’s campsite was close to the shore of Lake Texhoma. Because of the location of my group’s campsite, we played down by the lake a lot of the time. When I went to go and play down by the lake the first time, I saw people on the other side of the lake. The people on the other side of the lake turned out to be another group. Since another group was on the other side of the lake, my group and the other group yelled to each other a lot and had short conversations. I liked talking to the other group because we I could compare what I had done with what they had done. 

            Rain makes you cold, wet, and miserable. On the campout it was quit a job staying dry, clean, and warm since it rained before the campout and while we were on the campout. Rain made the ground slick and wet, which made it hard to walk around. Rain made me worry about if all of my camping gear would stay dry. Rain made all of the spiders and worms come into my tarp for shelter.

            Even though rain caused a lot of problems on the campout, I am glad that it did rain. I thought that if it rained on the campout, it would make everyone very cranky and not fun to be with. It turned out that rain did just the opposite of that. Rain made everyone in my group cheerful and nice to be around. When it rained, I had long talks with people in my group. The rain brought everyone in my group closer together. I made friends with the people in my group that I didn’t even know. The long talks that I had with other people in my group helped me get to know them better. What the rain did was very surprising.

            Before I went on the campout, I thought that the campout was going to be a really bad experience for me. It turned out that my predictions were totally wrong. I thought that the campout was not bad at all. I actually kind of liked the campout. I liked just hanging out with people from school and just getting to know them better. I did not think that I could have fun on a campout, but somehow I did.

            Being trapped at a lake without any television, video games, and the computer doesn’t sound like much fun, but for me it was. I liked not watching television or playing video games. Doing those things is a waste of time. Life is short and I want to take full advantage of it. You don’t want to waste your life staying all cooped up in a house watching television and playing video games. I am surprised that I had a good time just talking with friends and admiring the landscape. I learned a lot about myself on this campout.