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On December 29th, 2002 Hunt Silcock passed away. On January 3rd, 2003 Hunt's life was celebrated at St. Rita Catholic Church where a thousand members of his extended family attended. For those of you who were unable to attend, we have been able to provide you with a copy of the remarks by both his soccer coach, David Hudgell, and his Headmaster, Arnie Holtberg. To reach those remarks, click on Remarks in the Menu above..

This web site has been expanded to show some of the more humorous anecdotes relating to Hunt's life as well as other remembrances. To these contributors, our family is eternally grateful. Anyone who wishes to contribute to these anecdotes, remembrances or photos please email me at jimsilcock@hotmail.com .We need to remember Hunt in the energetic, mischievous, ever-smiling way he embraced his life. If he were here today he would want us to "stop crying and live life to the fullest."

One year after Hunt's death, the Hunt4Soccer Foundation was created as a way to remember Hunt. Hunt4Soccer is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing at risk children the opportunity to not only learn, play and enjoy the game of soccer, but to teach the importance of team effort, fair competition and good sportsmanship. The program works with after school programs and each of these programs' participants receives a soccer ball to keep upon completion of the program,s curriculum.  To date, Hunt4Soccer has provide over 90,000 soccer balls through its affiliated programs. Hundreds of thousands of children have played with Hunt4Soccer soccer balls. The Hunt4Soccer website is http://www.hunt4soccer.org .

St. Mark's School of Texas, Hunt's school, has created two awards in memeory of Hunt. The first is provided annually to a seventh grade student and the second to varsity soccer players. A list of recipients follows.

St. Mark's School of Texas - Hunt Silcock Award Winners - 7th Grade

2005Jeff Perkins 2009
2006Hayden Wolf2010
2007Brooks Jones 2011
2008Reid Thompson2012
2009Case Brabham 2013
2010Nathan Ondracek2014
2011Brannon Rouse 2015
2012Teddy Koudelka2016
2013Blake Daugherty 2017
2014Lyle Ochs2018
2015Colin Campbell 2019
2016Aayan Khasgiwala2020
2017Will Pechersky2021
2018Murphy Paul2022

St. Mark's School of Texas - Hunt Silcock Varsity Soccer Award Winners

Year NamesClass
2008Charlie Neil and Michael Rubin2008
2009Johnathan Rivera and Whit Shaw2009
2010Davis Johnson and Misael Trejo2010
2011Will Johnson2011
2012Nick Mahowald2012
2013Daniel Hersch and Kareem Itani2013
2014John Garnsey and Jacob Wilner2014
2015Jack Fojtasek and Hilario Vargas2015
2016Sam Eichenwald and Charlie O'Brien2016
2017Corday Cruz and Jake Vaughn2017
2018Owen Berger, Cal Rushton and Kabeer Singh2018