Dear Mrs. Silcock, Mr. Silcock, and James,

I'm sorry this letter hadn't come sooner, but I had never known what to say. Hunt was an amazing person, and I want to add my memories to the list. In Bermuda I am the youngest and not really part of the crowd, but I always watched from afar. I remember the whole gang sitting on the beach together, just talking and laughing. But there are very special memories that stick out in my head, one was of a Tuesday night beach BBQ, we were all just sitting over by the grills, and Hunt and James were pouring seasoning onto their steaks as usual. Everyone was laughing and joking and having a good time, and Hunt was there in the middle of it. There is a picture I took that night of the "Brat Pack" and Hunt's just standing there smiling and loving life, like he always did. Of course, there was that afternoon on diving board island. Hunt doing double flips off the high jump, it was just so like him. He was never afraid of anything. But my final memory is just of one day on the beach. Mary-Kate, Hunt and I were all in the water together, and we challenged each other to a body surfing contest. Mary-Kate gave up on it eventually, but Hunt was so determined to beat me, and every time, he got up just a few feet behind me, he would have this huge smile on his face, and run back into the water, to try again. He never gave up, and of course, he beat me eventually. James, you were an amazing brother to Hunt, I could tell that you were always there for him, to laugh with him, or cry with him just as Tyler is here for me. Hunt made an impression on every person he met. Bermuda and Coral Beach this year was not the same without him, and will never be.

Much Love,

Parrish Wright


To all the Silcocks~

            My mom informed me a few weeks ago that you all wanted me to write about all my experiences with Hunt – for every moment with him truly was an experience – and I apologize for delaying it. And though I know that there is no good excuse, I think I have let my selfishness in missing him get the better of me. I realize now that as hard a thing this is for me to do, I can never fully understand how this has affected all of you - this hole that can’t ever be filled.

            During my freshman year, a member of Margo’s class died in a car accident. Brian was much like Hunt: funny, outgoing, athletic, and spirited. The service that was held for the students of my school was much like the one for Hunt – filled with people. They handed out small cards with a picture of the young man who died, and on the reverse side there is passage that I would like to share with you.


Death is nothing at all – I have only slipped away into the next room. Whatever we were to each, that we are still. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Laugh as we always laughed at the jokes and crazy pranks we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effort. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is absolutely unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of your mind because I am out of your sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near just around the corner. All is well. Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before – only better, infinitely happier and forever – we will all be one together.

            I have had this card pinned up on the bulletin board in my room since the day of his service, and as moving and uplifting as it is, it never really meant much to me until recently.

            It’s hard to try to remember all of the days, hours, minutes I spent with Hunt, because while they were passing it didn’t seem quite so important to hold fast to them. I wasn’t very well acquainted with Hunt or James until the summer of 2001. I have spent every summer of my life in Bermuda, and this one will always remain my favorite. Hunt holds a place inside my heart that will remain warm and open until I am able to meet him again. Becoming close to him was not very hard; in other words, it was very easy to be Hunt’s friend. It was almost as if to be friends with James and Hunt was to belong with them - like a magnetic force that they held between them. There are so many jokes that we all shared that they are hard to keep track of, but I do recall a very extensive knowledge of cultured films such as those starring Adam Sandler and (eventually) all three of the Austin Powers movies. We spent a lot of time recalling sophisticated and philosophical excerpts from these fine cinematic geniuses. And there was so much laughing!

            I think Hunt is a classic example of a person who is the result of his surroundings. He had so much filling his life. James, I’m sure you’ve heard this a billion times but there couldn’t have been a better brother for him to have. Being one of three, I understand how important it is to break away and have your own time; having said this, I have no doubt that Hunt was always in his most luminous state when he was around you. It wasn’t that he tried harder, but almost that your presence made him better – maybe more like you. It was quite visible how much he admired you, and I think that you should be proud of how wonderful he was because of you.

            At the memorial service, there were many comments on Hunt’s skills as an athlete. Although I understand that he was quite talented, I think knowing him in the summer made it possible to see something altogether different. My absolute favorite Hunt trick was the thing he could do with his abs! So strange and unique, and always worthy of a giggle. It’s hard to fathom the level of physical fitness that it would require to be capable of such a gift, and I’m sure I will never see something so fascinating again. Another moment that will stay with me forever was our trip to Diving Board Island. Hunt did a flip off of the higher jumping “platform”, and as spectacularly dangerous and exciting as this was, it isn’t the most prominent recollection that I have from that day. We anchored the boat maybe 15-20 feet off of the small island and everyone jumped in the water and rushed to get up to the jumping areas. This being my first trip to Diving Board Island, I was a little more reluctant than the rest of the group. The solution to this problem seemed so simple to Hunt – just jump! He promised me it was fun, and so easy! And then he jumped, and so did I, and it was fun, and easy, and wonderful. This is the way that I saw him approach life. He wasn’t really afraid of much that I could tell, and he was always willing to give complete effort and dedication to each challenge he was presented with.

            Along with the ample testimonials to his athletic aptitude at the service were the acknowledgments to Hunt’s size. So much emphasis was put on the fact that despite his lesser stature, Hunt was able to dominate on the soccer field. Although I know that this is true, I do not think that Hunt was small. To me he was a giant; he had a personality of such a great and incalculable quantity that his physical size doesn’t even enter my realm of consideration when I remember him. I know that he had skills, but I’m not so sure that this was the only reason he was so successful on the soccer field. He had such a commanding presence in a crowd that this could have only transformed into a concentrated and powerful prowess on the field. Unfortunately, I never attended one of the Comets of ‘89 games, but I don’t feel that I am at a complete loss because I can imagine how well he would have performed.

            Going down to Dallas to see you all was very special. Having dinner and just being near you was so bittersweet! There are no words to convey the amount of sadness that has clouded all of our hearts, but I can only hope that Hunt was watching us all be together. Discussion was sprinkled with memories, and there were quite a few vital trips to the “media room” (wink-wink James!). In conversing with a few of the guests at your house, Mr. Silcock mentioned that Hunt was somewhat of a wise-ass (hey, you said it, not me!) and upon being asked for my opinion on this matter I could give no honest answer that would deny this. Hunt occasionally had a good zinger or two, but I was always positive that he was just playing around. I never doubted the sincerity of his character. I never found him hostile or angry. He was never resentful and he almost always had a pleasant air about him – he was happy. No one is perfect, and though Hunt was far from it I don’t think we would have had him any other way. It is an absolute honor just to have known him, and getting to know well him is something I consider myself lucky to have experienced.

            Each year, three Silcock birthdays have coincided with the Bermuda vacations, and these are definitely events that I have looked forward to. I have attended a number of these soirées in past years, but one in particular stands out. I believe it was James’ fourteenth birthday party. Everyone was down on the beach and we were having wonderful steak dinners with the infamous Silcock Seasoning on it. The day faded and it grew dark; James opened his presents and the party was still going. I think this was before we got sophisticated and got the lap-top with the music down on the beach and everything, but no one seemed to need it! I walked over to a stack of lounge chairs off to the side and lay down. A few moments later, Hunt joined me. We didn’t say much for almost a minute, when I asked him what he was thinking about. He said something like “I dunno, I just sorta like being here and being able to do this, you know what I mean?” and then he turned to the sky. Among other things, we talked about how amazing our future summers in Bermuda would be. I told him that it always seemed to me that the stars were winking at us, and he agreed with me. Maybe this summer he’ll be winking, too.

            Today I read a letter on the website from Hunt’s girlfriend, Megan Cassidy. What she had to say was so genuine… and of course it doesn’t surprise me that Hunt had a girlfriend! Hunt could have charmed me into anything. He was so handsome and witty. I specifically remember, at another Silcock Birthday in 2001 Hunt had been looking at me strangely all night. So I went up to him and I asked him, “Give it to me straight, Hunt, is there something on my face?” and he replied, “No, I was just hoping for a kiss…” He asked me so sweetly that I couldn’t resist. So before I left for the night, I told my dad that I needed a minute and that I’d meet him at the top of the stairs, and I gave Hunt a tiny goodnight kiss. So a ‘real kiss’ it may not have been, but it will forever be ingrained into my memory and into my very being. And I’m glad that Hunt had a girl in his life that could add to the happiness that I know was already there.

            In the past few weeks, I have found myself talking to him, or referring to him in my thoughts. It’s mostly in recollecting something comical. For instance, the other day I was listening to an old play-list of songs on my computer, and the Dr. Evil & Mini-me version of “Just the Two of Us” came on and I laughed and started singing all the words in my head. Hunt had them memorized! I sang it for him; I hope he was laughing too. I have a few pictures scattered around my bedroom, some in frames, some pinned up, and some in photo albums. I can never seem to find enough pictures or bring back enough memories. I think this is because there was not enough time that was spent with him – there could never be enough. I just keep hoping that he is here with me, because I know he is there with you.

            I am not sure why Hunt is gone or why he was only here for a precious few moments. I cannot imagine a world that would send him away if it were not to somewhere better, and I know that the place he has gone is made better simply because he is there. The only possibility is that he has gone somewhere where he can love as much as he has been loved. He will be loved forever.

            The only thing left to say is thank you. I thank you infinitely, all three of you, for the time that you shared Hunt with me. There could be no greater gift!


                                                                        Love Always,

                                                                                    Caroline Smith

Hunt Silcock, a person who has affected my life in a significant way.


On January 3rd, 2003, at Saint Rita Catholic Church, I attended the Celebration of the Life of Hunt Evrard Silcock. Waves of pain washed over me as I glanced around the church at the endless rows of mourners. The choir filled the hall with a bittersweet joy, and I quickly slipped into a world of selfish introspection. I took myself away from the grief-filled room and thought of how glad I was that I had been able to have him in my life. The idea of celebrating was so strange to me, but I missed him, so I tried.

            I spent all day, every day, for three summers with Hunt. His natural magnetism drew everyone to him. My relationship with him was different from any other I had ever had; he was very genuine and honest, and I found myself more genuine and honest when I was around him. My insecurities, especially in relation to my peers, were completely unfounded and untenable to him. I was uncomfortable with my own personality and he instilled confidence in me by showing me that the strength and sincerity of my character were more important than value that others placed upon me. His faith in me gave me faith in myself, and others soon followed. He changed me simply by showing me that change was possible. He let me be silly and lighthearted during a time, which, for a number of reasons, was not easy for me at all. But I could not stay with my memories forever and the reality of the ceremony stole me away from my thoughts.

            I stood up and walked out of the church having truly celebrated the life of my best friend. He died when he was thirteen years old, and the mark he left on me is permanent. I miss him, and I sense his presence in my actions. I believe that the influence he had on me has molded me into a different and truer person. He gave me conviction, assurance, and the ability to lighten up and see things as they are. He gave me laughter. Most importantly, he gave me the invaluable and precious gift of his very limited time, and I celebrate him every day.


Caroline Smith

My Best Friend is no Longer Here with Me.


My best friend is no longer here with me

To live his dreams and be the greatest mate,

He hopped in Death’s ship and went out to sea

To live in Heav’n according to his fate.

Young Hunt cannot cherish his favorite game,

Nor will he ever fight with me again,

I’ll never be able to see his name

Be written with his infamous blue pen.

God won’t tell me why Hunt’s heart stopped that day,

The reason why he left us all to grieve.

My sorrow can’t be shown in any way,

I wish I could have been the one to leave.

Yet, every day, little Hunt’s soul lives on

As though it were as if he wasn’t gone.


James Silcock

"My Comet"

In Memory of Hunt Silcock


A day never goes by without you passing through my mind.

I don't even have to close my eyes to see you, hear you, I can feel you; you're with me.

Everything I do, it all reminds me of you.

Our times together made me better.


You were a gift of love sent from up above.

It's all part of His plan for us to be together again in the end.

 In the end my friend.


I know I'll never be completely alone.

You're always right by my side, in my mind.

The memories of where we went and all that we said-I can't get them out of my head.

Like the night we sat beneath the stars, gazing up above.

We searched for the brightest star, the one that lit up the night.


It's been too long since I've sat beneath these stars.

I'm gazing up to search for what I'm trying to find.

The moment I lift my eyes above I see that star, twinkling brightly.

It's lighting up the sky as it shines down on me.

It looks like it's winking, like you're winking back at me.

© Elizabeth Kallop2003


Dear Mr. Silcock,

    I'm sorry for not sending a letter sooner, I put one in the box that our grade made at school but I'm not sure you received it. Even though time has passed since hunts tragic death, I just want you to know that not a day goes by when neither I or any of my classmates doesn't think about him. He was truly an amazing person and I feel truly privileged to have known him. The memory I have of Hunt that stands out most in my mind is the first day of school in 4th grade, the year that I came to St. Mark's. The first day was very confusing, and I didn't really know anyone and was feeling very alone. When lunch period rolled around, I didn't have anyone to sit with. As I was wandering aimlessly through the rows of tables, Hunt invited me to sit down with him. It was probably one of the single kindest things anyone has ever done for me. He was my first friend at St. Mark's, and even though we didn't see much of each other in 5th and 6th grade, we became good friends in 7th grade. I had never had a class with Hunt before, but on third period of the late August day I remember finding myself face to face with Hunt. We greeted each other and grabbed seats right next to each other. We had some great times in that class, and he was always the one that I would talk to during the downtime in the class when nothing was really going on. Our friendship heightened when soccer season came around, and I decided to try out for the team. I remember Hunt being incredible at soccer on the first day of tryouts, and I couldn't wait for the season to get underway so that I would have a chance to play with him. He was incredible. He probably scored 10 or more goals in the half of the season he played, he was easily our most valuable player. I remember on the final day before Christmas break our soccer team was playing a game of World Cup. World Cup is when you have teams of 2 people who try to score a goal, and the last two teams left that haven't scored are out. I remember that Hunt and his partner won the game.

     Christmas break started, and my dad and I went to England to go hunting with my cousins. I remember thinking on how I was going to have Hunt over when the break ended. After the hunting trip, my dad and I went off by ourselves for a few days before returning to meet up with my cousins. When we met up with them, I remember I started to play pool against my oldest cousin, Hill. Hill then remarked, "did you hear what happened to Hunt Silcock?" I replied "No I didn't, what happened....did he die or something?" I said jokingly. I remember that a long look came across Hill's face as he simply replied "ya". I told him that I was in no mood to be messed with, but hill kept saying the same thing, that Hunt had passed away. I could not believe my ears. I really was in no mood to be picked on by my cousin, so I left the room. After we had dinner, my aunt asked me if I had heard the news. I was amazed, how could they get their own mom in a sick joke like this? But after a few seconds I could tell from the look on my aunt's face that it was true. I asked to be excused from dinner and went back to my room and cried. I didn't sleep that night. not at all. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't believe it until I arrived in Spanish class and saw his empty seat. When the break ended, sure enough his Spanish seat was empty. But after my dad told me that we were invited to the funeral, I realized that the news was true. I attended his funeral, and remembered on what a good person he was. I will always miss him. I still wear the black arm band with the number 3 on it that our soccer team received, and I plan to never stop wearing it. I was very privileged to know your son Hunt, he was a truly talented person.


Ross Mulford

Dear Mr. Silcock and Silcock family,


I grew to become close friends with your son and brother. He the sweetest most talented boy I've ever met. Now my story of getting to know and love your son unfortunately doesn't begin as well as other peoples stories or as I would have hoped it would have, but it all ends up for the best.


I use to play on Comets and met Hunt through one of my teammates that was his girlfriend during that time. When I first met Hunt, we didn't really get along all too great. Maybe it was that we had too similar of personalities or maybe it was that I was a tomboy at that age, I think it was 10 or 11, and we clashed, I don't actually know the reason but for the next about year we would always make fun of each other. Whenever we saw each other at Brookhaven it was just insults or avoiding each other. That next year when I turned twelve I started turning into more of a girl I guess is the only way to putting it. I started worrying about my hair and make up. That's when I began to date a boy from St. Marks. This boy was a year older than Hunt so he was in the grade above him, but I began to see more of Hunt at football games and parties and at practices at Brookhaven. Hunt and I began to get along much better and actually had conversations where we didn't make fun of each other. After a couple of months, my boyfriend from St. Marks and I did break up, but I still talked to Hunt a lot about just everything, our love for the Lakers, soccer, school, just about everything. I began to respect him more and more every day that I talked to him and I found out what a just amazingly talented and sweet and loving boy he was. We stayed talking and remained friends for long after that. I remember talking to him for the last time before he passed away. I replay that conversation in my head all the time.

I remember waking up December 30th, to the telephone. I heard my mom answer it and begin talking and then her voice kind of changed. I didn't really pay much attention to it until after she hung up the phone and began walking to my room. She told me she needed to talk to me when I kind of began to worry. When she broke the news of Hunt's death to me all I could think was " why is she saying this, it's all a joke its not true this is a nightmare." When one of my friends called me to tell me that's when it kicked in, Hunt was gone, he wasn't coming back. It felt terrible, like somebody had slapped me straight across the face. I cried for about three or four days straight and I couldn't talk about it for months. When school started again after Christmas break I was in a trance, my best friends whom I have grown up with I would barely talk to. My grades began to drop a little and I was upset and very emotional for at least two to three months. Eventually, I finally began to get over his death a little more every day. Talking about it still brings a pain to my heart, but I know that he is probably incredibly happy in heaven and watching over all of us. I grew to love Hunt so much and I know he loved all of you and respected all of you. Especially you James, I never actually got the chance to meet you, but Hunt spoke so well of you James. He spoke so well of all of you. I know there are so many great memories I could have of Hunt but the one that stands out in my mind the most is at Brookhaven one day after a practice over the summer and we were just shooting around at the goal when Hunt told me he could do a bicycle kick. I remember being sarcastic and saying I’m sure he could...when of course he showed me up and did the bicycle kick right into the goal, a perfect shot. I replay that over in my head and I just smile. Hunt was so talented and so special, and he lives in our hearts forever. I find myself incredibly blessed to have met Hunt and grown close to him, and I know he loved you so much and you all we so lucky to have him!



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Silcock,

My name is Erica Keefer, and I knew your son Hunt in middle school. With my May college graduation drawing near, I Google my name every now and then to make sure everything is in ”good shape” for potential employers. This morning, I noticed my name associated with your Hunt4soccer webpage. Perhaps you have just put the webpage back up, or maybe it has somehow dodged my radar the past few years—in which case I should rule out being a detective. Either way, it felt like a sign to reach out.

Over the years, I’ve thought about writing you very often. Very frequently, my girlfriends and I reminisce about the past, including those middle school “heartthrob” Marksmen, toilet-papering the principal’s house, and weekends packed with bar mitzvahs. Hunt is very much so a part of those remembrances.

Losing Hunt in seventh grade meant something profound. As a 22-year-old, the meaning is not the same. Then life seemed so unfair, now it seems so fragile. Chances are, in ten more years, maybe when I have kids of my own, all of this will mean something different again.

When I was 12, I told you “I will carry Hunt in my memories and in my heart.” I just thought you should know that I still do.

With love,



 Although we only met him a few years ago,

He has touched our lives and was so great to know!


Hunt and James were with us almost every day,

Even on all of your birthdays.


 From launching water balloons,

To launching crabs in our backyard,


Then ordering pizza at the club,

Or getting a quick bite to eat at La Tratts.


 We always found something to do,

We didn't care what!


 As long as we were always together ,

We were satisfied no matter what weather,


Rock jumping was one of our most favorite things to do!

Especially when Hunt did a flip on the high jump,

We knew the whole time that he always has the guts too!


 Hunt was such an amazing person.

He will be forever in our hearts,


 We miss him and love him,

He will never be forgotten.


Love always,

Jeff, Christian, and Mary Kate Luker

Dear Mr.. & Mrs. Silcock & James:

I apologize for the delay in this letter. Although some of the kids Hunt’s age knew him better it didn't take much for the rest of us to become close to him. He was a very outgoing and energetic person. Just by sitting on the beach and watching everyone immerse themselves in different activities you could tell that he was a great kid. Like many have already said -Hunt always had a smile on his face. Having spent quite a few summers with you all now and having a chance to reflect upon them -I can not remember seeing Hunt just sitting on the beach more than once or twice. He was a very active person -whether he was playing soccer, swimming, telling some joke, skin boarding or just talking to friends you could tell that he truly enjoyed every minute of his life by the smile that he carried across his face.

While I was gathering quotes for the scrapbook that we have put together for you guys to enjoy and hopefully help bring back some of the funnier moments we all shared with Hunt in Bermuda, I came across this quote and I found it to be so true. "When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. " As soon as I read that -I thought to myself "it's just amazing because that's exactly what Hunt did." He led an amazing life. While I never had the opportunity to get to know him beyond Bermuda, seeing him down there each summer for about a month you realize how passionate he was towards his family, his friends and life in general.

I couldn't have been more pleased to have spent those two days with you guys in Dallas during that incredibly rough time. I feel that I learned so much more about Hunt through stories that were shared by friends and family. Having heard these stories and listened to his Headmaster and soccer coach speak at his memorial service -it's quite clear in my mind that Hunt did live a life where the world cried and he rejoiced at the end. ,

I can remember the day you guys were leaving Bermuda this past summer like it was yesterday. Caroline and I had to get over to the beach early so that we could say goodbye to you guys before you left. I was down in the Beach Bar talking to Gilbert at the time and Hunt walked in. We exchanged our "Hey what's up?" and after conversing for a few minutes he had to leave. As we hugged goodbye I said to him, "Hey Hunt, I'll see you later -take care ok?" "Thanks Margo, you too" and you know what Hunt -I'll see you later .

Thinking about the upcoming summer brings many mixed emotions to my mind, as I'm sure it does to yours as well. While I know Hunt will be missing physically from the crowd this summer ...I know that we'll keep his spirit alive and close to us through many stories that are waiting to be told.

On a more person note, I miss all three of you dearly. I am looking forward to seeing all of you this summer and possibly in May! Take care, I'm thinking about you all.


Margo Smith



Hunt Silcock. He was the textbook "cool kid." He had everything that anyone could ever want. He was popular with his classmates, he was "HOT STUFF" with the girls, he was athletic, and was one of the smartest people I have ever known. Hunt taught me, and many others, how to become a better person, and how to succeed in school. No matter how long it took, Hunt would study about a week in advance for every test making sure that he was 100% sure that he would get an "A." He would not settle for anything but the best and would not let anyone else settle for less than they were capable of. Hunt has place in my heart, as well as many others, for the good that he brought to this earth in such a short time. He was a great friend to me always will be.


Alex Johnson

Dear Mr. Silcock,

          I know its taken me a while to write this letter, but I really wanted to put some thought into what I wrote because Hunt really meant a lot to me and I needed to get my thoughts straight before I could put them to paper:

           Hunt was the best person that I ever knew, and I’m not just putting this to be nice, Hunt really was my role model in life. I’ve heard that he was valedictorian and a very funny person, and also that soccer was everything to him. That really has inspired me to focus more on soccer and live my life as best I can. Since Hunt's death, my grades have picked up (not that they were ever very low), and I feel I have gotten a lot better at the game of soccer because of the newfound strength this whole ordeal has given me.

           Hunt’s death gave me a new outlook on life and how I should live it. I’ve put together a few thoughts that have crossed my mind over the past month:


Hunt was everything we wanted to be,

A great example all his life,

It so happens that fate,

Brought him to heaven’s gate,

Where he truly became alive.

~ < > ~

Little angel in white,

Watch me through the night,

Through thick and thin,

Or every now and again,

I'll use this prayer,

My soul to prepare,

Let life see me through,

‘Till I can see you.

~ < > ~

His life was short,

And so was his height,

But there is nothing comparable,

To his compassion,

And his might.

~ < > ~

   I am Alpha and Omega,

The beginning and the end,

The first and the last.

--Revelation 21:13

~ < > ~

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;

And there shall be no more death,

Neither sorrow, nor crying,

Neither shall there be any more pain:

For the former things are passed away.

--Revelation 21:4


Hunt is watching out for us all, and he will be forever with us. May we remember his accomplishments for there rest of our lives.

God did not take Hunt, he received him.

~Preston Osborn~

Dear Jim, Julie & James,

I think I have finally reflected on Hunt and his life enough to share some thoughts.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for who Hunt became within the heart of your family. I am a strong believer in innate qualities and Hunt is innately a great person. I am also a believer of how strongly innate qualities are molded by a mother, a father, a sibling and a family unit. That Hunt has impacted so many people, in such a short space of time just by being himself is truly remarkable.

One of the lessons I will take from knowing Hunt and from his untimely departure from us, is how easy it is to be assumptive about people and to be careless about recognizing greatness even when it is right in front of you. I have had to come to terms with the fact that only now, because he is physically gone, am I starting to properly understand who Hunt is and really recognize his great qualities.

Until last week I thought of Hunt as an incredibly tenacious 13 year old soccer player who I loved to watch play and who I loved being part of Comets 89's. I also knew Sam respected Hunt and Sam doesn't give his respect away easily. Beyond that however most of my thoughts were sub -conscious. Yet, as soon as he was gone, a whole dam of sub- conscious thoughts all crystallized and the recognition that what I saw of Hunt on a soccer field went way beyond playing soccer to the root of his character and personal qualities. It sounds obvious in hindsight but it is a profound distinction that I will carry with me forever. What I will miss will go way beyond soccer

In my minds eye Hunt is on a soccer field but now instead of being a simple 13 year old soccer player he is born leader marshalling his considerable gifts and qualities to fulfill one of his passions, playing soccer and playing it with his Comets teammates. These qualities include determination, vision, integrity, teamwork, tirelessness, and a balance between good humor and impatience with those not giving their all, underpinned by a positive attitude that included the humility to recognize his own successes and failures, strengths and shortcomings. I now know better that all those qualities I carelessly took for granted were also applied with Hunt-like focus in his academic and other extra curricular activities.

As I said the other day, the one easy thing about talking about the loss of Hunt is not having to think up positive things to say about Hunt or having to exaggerate what Hunt was to try and somehow soften the loss. There is little doubt that Hunt is a role model for making the most of every minute and he was a gift to all who were touched by him. And of course that doesn't soften the loss, nothing will. But there is some solace in knowing Hunt became a remarkable individual in a very short space of time and it is his great qualities that will keep Hunt burning brightly inside all who were touched by him. As Jim has said he may be physically gone but he will never be gone so long as he is in all of our hearts. He is in a lot of hearts -that is clear.

Hunt, as he looks down on us from Heaven is, I am sure, incredibly proud and humbled by the manner in which you as a family and as individuals have handled his loss. I am sure he never doubted how much he is loved by you but he may be surprised at your strength, by the role you are taking in helping others to come to terms with his loss and even Hunt would be overwhelmed at the perfect nature of his Memorial and how there was so much beauty on such a sad day.

To be honest there is another lesson for me in the fact that I was so pre-occupied with whatever was filling my world that I have done little to get to know you beyond the shared cheering of the Comets 89's. You have my profound admiration and respect and if keeping in touch with someone who cherishes Hunt's memory is one way in which you want to keep Hunt very much alive, we would very much like to stay in touch.

Today as we walked into Church Georgia pointed out to me an unusual cloud formation - from our perspective it was right over the church, a huge number 3. Surveying the evening sky tonight I was filled with the feeling that Hunt is at peace and Heaven is all the better for it.

With love

Austen, Sally and Sam Mulinder

Our beloved hunt, you are good will, fighting spirit, compassion and humor

personified. What an enormous honor to have had you as our own son. With the

love and respect you commanded as a 13 year old it now does not seem as if

you were of this world, but rather were sent down to inspire us. You were a

loving, kind, funny, determined, smart, handsome athletic son much loved by

the many lives you touched. You led by example and with compassion...many

want to be like you...we hope to continue to lead our lives inspired by the

way you led yours.

Love, Mommie


A Comet,






















All Heart,

A Sidekick,

A Friend,

A Leader,

A Brother,

A Boy,

My Alter Ego,

My Kindred Spirit,

My Son.

You will always be in me and with me.



Dear Silcock Family


            Hunt was one of my best friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. The time I was able to spend with him was amazing. One of my greatest memories was when I was at Hunt’s house, and we were swimming. Suddenly James and Benny started ambushing us with air soft guns. Hunt told me to follow him. We went under the water and started swimming away from the diving board. We jumped out of the pool and made a run for it while they were reloading. We then got onto the roof and ran through James’ room into Hunt’s. We got our own guns and ran right back into the pool. When they came back out, we were ready. When they were firing, we would pop our heads up and shoot. It was one of the most fun times I have ever had with Hunt.

 Even though we agreed on most things, we had different opinions when it came to sports teams. We had an underground scam betting on our sports teams. His teams didn’t do well this year, and mine did. Every morning Hunt and I would argue during and before math class about whose teams were better. It was like “Crossfire” on CNN.

My far best memories of Hunt were when he would come over to my house. In my room, I have a tiny little basketball hoop and whenever he came over…it was war. We would lay down the carpets and blankets and prepare for battle. We would play for hours, never even stopping for a drink. He was always so competitive and never was willing to admit defeat. Things would get pretty dirty down there, diving for balls and an elbow here or there. One time I remember getting cut after going for a dunk. It was always such fun to have someone to play with. The memories I have of Hunt and I playing basketball are priceless. He was always curious in class, and wouldn’t be quiet until he was reassured that he had the right idea.        

Though I did not know Hunt as long as some of his other friends, I feel over time I became one of his closest friend, and he became one of mine. Life with Hunt was never dull, he always was thinking of new ideas and ways to have fun. A couple of months ago we were set to go out on the 7th grade campout. Since Hunt was in my advisory, we immediately teamed up as tarp mates with JB. Seeing as how our advisory was disastrous, Hunt, Jordan, and I always found a way to leave the campsite. Though the overall campout wasn’t fun, my time spent with Hunt was. If I were to write all my memories of Hunt, the list would be endless. He was a great kid with such a great life ahead of him. Valedictorian, Pro soccer player, Lawyer, the list was endless. I was very blessed to know such a person, and I am counting down the time until we will meet again. He was a great friend.


            Love Forrest


Like his brother his smile will light your way

Like his father his laughter will make your day

Like his mother his eyes will search your soul

Without him our hearts have an unfillable hole.

But you know Hunt, he wouldn't want tears,

He would want us happy, facing our fears.

Our fear that we're without the light of team,

Which is silly, because he's in our hearts and our dreams.

One little boy, who commanded so much,

It's amazing all of the lives that he's touched.

He was tough, he was honest, he was kind, he was good,

As a child of God, he was more than we understood.

I know it's selfish, he's a part of higher things,

But we want him back, to play soccer and sing.

We want on him on the field, our team needs him so

He's our heart, he's our spirit, we need him to grow.

Life is never the way that we've planned,

There's sun, there's snow, there's oceans, there's sand.

But sometimes something happens that is out of our hands,

We can just crumble and fall, or tall we can stand.

You know it doesn't seem fair, it doesn't seem right,

When a star is snatched that is shining so bright.

But when God saw Hunt's talents and God saw Hunt's love,

We on earth didn't have a chance against those up above.

Although we can't bare it, and think we're on the brink,

We picture Hunt's face and Hunt's smile, and find strength.

Hunt knew all along there was a greater plan and a key

God just really needed him, when he took number 3.

Ava Miller

Dear Silcock family,


            I am so sorry about the terrible loss of Hunt. Hunt was such a “people person.” He was the type of person that everyone wanted to be friends with and be around. He always welcomed anyone with his warm, memorable smile. The first time I saw Hunt, I instantly had a crush on him and we became really good friends; he was fun to be around. He would never complain about something even if everyone else would. Hunt would always look on the optimistic side. He usually would have a solution when everyone else was stumped. In the beginning of sixth grade, Hunt and I became closer and the fellow classmates considered us a “couple.” During that time, Hunt and I were inseparable. Hunt wasn’t much of a “phone person” nor was I; we always talked on AOL. Every spirit night Hunt would greet me with a hug and would always be concerned on how was I doing and always wanted to make sure I was happy. He was always concerned about other people. I could always trust Hunt with anything and he was such a secure spot in my heart. The last spirit night, Hunt and I had been going out for four months. Everyone said we were the cutest and most meant to be couple. That night Hunt and I kissed. It was my first kiss ever and Hunt told me it was his first real kiss ever. I remember how happy we were that night. I also remember how we would always see each other at soccer. We practiced at the same time last year and usually when practice was over we would wave. He was amazing at soccer; he had the most promising talent. Hunt always wore white shorts and a white shirt to practice, my soccer friends and I thought it was really funny. Now, I will always wear white shorts and a white shirt to soccer practice. Hunt loved to challenge himself and strive for the best. Houston and Hunt came to my house one day to hang out and Hunt challenged himself to a soccer move called “around the world.” It didn’t work out to well. He kicked the ball weird, by accident, and broke all my picture frames. I recall Hunt’s face when he messed up and he felt terrible about the photo frames. He told me he was going to work on the move, and I didn’t really believe him but the next time I saw him, he was able to do that certain move. He was so proud of himself. He had this perfect balance of confidence. He hated to brag about his great achievements but I always asked and he was more than glad to tell me. Hunt was also very disciplined. He never did anything immature and stupid like the other boys. I remember how people used to tell me how mature Hunt was. Hunt also worked hard academically. Usually, all the guys would be complaining about their terrible grade on a math test they got and they would also mention that Hunt got a perfect score. I was so proud of Hunt. He was the only guy who I knew that really cared about school which I think is important as well. Lastly, Hunt and I loved to talk about the Lakers. We were the only ones who always believed in the Lakers. We still even believe in them when they haven’t been playing up to their reputation. Well, now the Lakers are 7-2 since December 29 and I am positive the Lakers will have their winning streak and comeback. Hunt was a great guy who everyone liked. No one could say something offensive about Hunt. During the thirteen years Hunt was alive, he spread his amazing and unique qualities to everyone. I only knew him for three years, but we were inseparable and I learned so much from him. He taught me to love life and cherish it. He taught me the true definition of the words soccer, education, and family. He loved y’all so much and I he was so blessed to have a family like y’all. Also, James, Hunt always talked about you being the best brother and the best person. He was so lucky to have you. 



Megan Cassidy